For Kids

kidspicOur facility is specifically designed to guarantee a positive dental experience at a very early age. The care we provide is led by our concern for the total well-being and therefore is delivered in a gentle, merciful and fun environment.

Our ultimate target is to have children grow up hole free while maintaining a well-adjusted approach towards oral hygiene into adultness. We hope to provide children and parents with effective oral hygiene information.

We know that most children are nervous of dentists… Even scared of visiting the dentist. That’s why Dr. Kondrashova has dedicated herself to making your child’s visit as cosy and relaxing as practicable.

We strive to provide a receptive and sensitive environment in which we will be able to offer effective, predictable and successful treatment for your child. Our main goal is to make a positive experience for your child and for you.

We believe that parents are important partners in helping us to provide the best treatment for your children. We strongly inspire you, the parent, to be involved at all stages of your child’s dental treatment.